About Us


Christine is a recovering law student getting back in touch with her artistic self. She writes poetry and prose, makes artwork from supplies bought on sale and found around her house, and sings like a nightingale. While she is indeed a total bad ass, her one weakness can be found in cats — on the internet or in real life.

Michael possesses no MFA, no awards or notoriety, little dignity. He is a fogchild of San Francisco, a Polish-American born to the Sunset District. He studied creative writing at the hilltop and his writing has been featured in Forth Magazine and Broke-Ass Stuart. He is the editor-in-chief of Frontera Bilingual English-Spanish Literary Magazine and currently lives in Portland, looking to find the perfect beard cream.

Lucy is a writer, artist, and career coach in San Francisco, California. She uses her art and writing as a means of philosophical inquiry and civic engagement, and is particularly interested in how to support idealistic professionals in taking good care of themselves while we all collectively take better care of the planet. She also has a soft spot for puns.


Visionary, prolific, innovator, and influential.  None of these words have been used to describe Spencer.  He grew up cruisin’ the beach in San Diego, California and has lived in most of the major cities on the west coast.  He will be writing for Planet FoMO on NBA basketball, music, and politics.