Quick Thoughts On The 2017 World Series

I have an equation I use for the baseball playoffs.  Every team needs a lock down starter, a lights out closer, and a hot hitter.  All three of these were owned by the Dodgers as they entered the 2017 World Series and all of them can be applied to numerous previous Champions.  The only problem is the Houston Astros had an x-factor… emotion. 

Game 1 was won in typical Dodgers fashion, following the plan that won them 104 games during the regular season.  Game 2 however showcased what Houston had.  Marwin Gonzalez up to bat in the 9th tied the game with a homerun off the best closer in baseball and send it to extra innings.  Houston came alive and won the game in extras.  Games 3, 4, and 5 were in Houston and the crowd was pumped.  Game 4 was easily won by the Astros, while Game 5 was easily won by the Dodgers.  Tied 2-2 going into Game 5 the Astros knew they needed to make a statement against Clayton Kershaw, the best pitcher in baseball. 

They started Game 5, by going down 4 runs, then coming back, then down by 3 then coming back, then down and back, down and back. This game defined this World Series.  Every game back and forth and every lead unsafe.  Houston won in extra innings again, but would fall in Game 6 to the same Dodger formula from Game 1.  Time for Game 7, all or nothing, winner take all.  Houston came out hungry.  They scored 5 runs in the first two innings and that was that.  The Dodgers looked tired, and helpless, as they only scored 1 run and left an absurd amount of runners on base.  Houston won and made their city proud.  While the Dodgers learned a valuable lesson, that the post season in baseball is insane and analytics cannot overcome emotion.


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