Inspired by AHS and the return of my Emo Days

Another week has come to an end.  And before I treat myself to some American Horror Story, I promised myself I would post the art I was working on last week.  You will probably notice the type of mood I was in while creating it as it seems subtlety is not my strong suit this week.

Last weekend was pretty rough emotionally, so I made some stuff to try to get the feels out.  Then I binge-watched AHS out of order.

Buried Alive
Buried Alive





As was the case with my last post, the images in Ransom are not my own.  The image of the screaming woman and the bloody hand were taken from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a terrific collection of folklore retold by Alvin Schwartz.  The illustrations are done by Stephen Gammell.  These books were so popular when I was in elementary school because the drawings were so creepy.

And yes, I quoted Beyoncé twice.  Only the utmost reverence for Destiny’s one true child.

Anyway, you all don’t need to sit in my emo corner crying with me.  Get out in the world (if that’s your thing).  Whatever you do, I hope everyone has a good weekend.  Treat yo self to something awesome!

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