This is a New Years Post

Hello Fomo-teers! I’m not sure how you all are holding up but I’m hoping it is well. If not, that’s okay. The past year was a hard one. (Edited to Add: we had a solid five days into 2021 before more shit hit the fan). I am not in the mood to be poetic or… Read More This is a New Years Post

A Bunch of Feelings to Hit You in the Feels–Probably

Greetings Planet FOMO! Not super important but is there something we call ourselves here at Planet FOMO?  Like, are we FOMites or FOMOteers or…Planeteers?  FOMers?  I wasn’t sure.  Leave me a comment so that myself and the admins can know what you wanna be called.  Otherwise I’ll just treat you all like my cats and… Read More A Bunch of Feelings to Hit You in the Feels–Probably


Greetings and salutations! Thanks to my friend, Spencer, for adding me as an author and letting me share my art on this site.  First off, I’ve never considered myself an artist because, I can’t draw.  Well, not the way I believed artists should draw.  I thought artists take classes, sketch models standing in the center of the… Read More Creating